Letter to the Editor

A letter writer's musings on Harford as Camelot

January 22, 2013


Harford County once had connections to the Kennedy Camelot.

The Shrivers of Olney Farms, at Wilmer, were relatives of President Kennedy. President Kennedy also had friends at the Oakington Estate in Havre de Grace.

Each of us can live in our own Camelot, not the magic Camelot with the round table and beautiful women and knights with swords and horses, but we can live in our Camelot of today.

Electronic gimmicks and gadgets dominate our world today. Everyone, from the wise to the not so wise, is able to express their opinion about any and all events, and yet we are isolated from each other. We feel alone, we are afraid, puzzled, confused, bewildered, bothered and bewitched. We are frightened of ourselves. We live in a cold, uncaring world, a world of self-centered, greedy people lacking in the ability to help others.

"Don't let it be forgotten, that once there was a spot, from one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot."

In spite of the mess and confusion, etc. that exists today, I know that our Camelot lives Sleeping Beauty.

Camelot is not dead, but who will dare to awake Camelot Beauty from sleep? Death has come into my Camelot and robbed me of family and friends, I am old and feeble, but I have loved and am loved. I see hope for today when I look into the eyes of a child, whenever I hear a newborn baby cry, whenever I exchange a smile, I know the Camelot of yesterday is gone, the Camelot of tomorrow may never come, but I have Camelot today! To live in Camelot is a constant challenge. Change is one of the most frightening challenges that people have to endure. Most young school children are afraid and frightened when they are promoted out of the old into the new. Our lives are filled with constant changes and we adults fear the changes, we forget that President FDR said that we only have "fear" to fear.

Camelot was and is people, and if we experience our Camelot it will be because we dare to become the best we can and we fight for our rights and the rights of others.

Stout-hearted people doing their best, even though we may be riding old nags and wearing chamber pots for helmets we can create our own Camelot.

"Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment was known as Camelot." If everyone will do their best for themselves and others the resulting millions of little lights will become that brief shining Camelot moment.

Could our brief shining moment turn into an eternal flame?

Knights with splendid horses, and beautiful ladies in fine gowns may not become our Camelot, but don't let it be forgotten that once there was a spot and for one bright shining moment it was our to create our own Camelot.

Curtis Pace


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