Gun violence isn't the only threat the Obama administration needs to address

January 21, 2013

I agree with Vice President Joe Biden's concern about protecting our children from gun violence ("Biden vows swift steps on guns," Jan. 12).

But how about our coming together to protect our foreign embassy ambassadors like the late Christopher Stevens and the other brave Americans who tried to save him in Benghazi when our government failed to do so?

Also, our how about other foreign diplomats and the American civilians recently kidnapped in Algeria by an al-Qaeda affiliate?

And let's not forget our border patrol agents, etc. They all could have been saved if there had been an armed U.S. security person there to confront any threats to these defenseless Americans.

They all deserve to have a government that takes their job risks and their other security risks seriously; a government that will be there for them when they are dangerously threatened even if some of those guns were provided by our government and made easily accessible to drug cartels, terrorists and/or deranged individuals.

It's the mind and soul behind the gun that pulls the trigger.

Barbara A. Bloom

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