David Reed explains why he wore Lee Evans jersey once -- and only once

Ravens wide receiver stopped wearing No. 83 jersey after getting grief from teammates

January 18, 2013|By Edward Lee

David Reed raised a few eyebrows when he wore Lee Evans’ No. 83 jersey at practice Wednesday. Evans was blamed by many for being unable to hold onto a potential game-winning touchdown pass from quarterback Joe Flacco in the waning minutes of the Ravens’ 23-20 loss to the New England Patriots in last year’s AFC championship game.

But Reed didn't wear the same jersey Thursday or Friday. After Friday’s practice, the receiver explained why.

“That’s my boy,” Reed said. “But you know, with the circumstances that went down last year, guys were giving me a hard time about it a little bit. So I haven’t worn that jersey anymore.”

In addition to showing some solidarity with a former teammate, Reed said he was wearing No. 83 to help the defense prepare for the Patriots’ No. 83.

“I was being Wes Welker for the scout team,” Reed said. “That’s why I wore 83. But like I said, they gave me a hard time about it, so I haven’t worn it anymore.”

Reed was deactivated for the team’s 38-35 double-overtime win against Denver in last Saturday’s AFC Divisional round due to lingering issues with his hamstring, but he declared himself ready to return for Sunday’s contest.

“I rested it, got a lot of treatment on it,” he said. “It’s definitely better. So I’ll be out there.”

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