Ravens gameday snack suggestions for pets

  • Molly is ready for some football.
Molly is ready for some football. (Courtesy of Kim Fernandez )
January 18, 2013|By Kim Fernandez

Labragator in the house, ready to cheer on the Ravens this Sunday. Truth be told, she was less than amused at being dressed up in people clothes for a photo. When kickoff finally gets here, though, I have no doubt she'll be more than ready for some of our gameday snacks. And while I’ll be tempted to share (those big brown eyes get me every time), the experts say I'd better be careful -- not all people snacks are OK for our pets.

Trainer and T.V. star Cesar Millan says there are some treats that are fine for man and canine, including peanut butter, cooked chicken (if your dog isn’t allergic -- Molly is, so this is off our list), low or reduced-fat cheese, baby carrots, green beans and eggs.

The ASPCA says I can toss a few kernels of plain popcorn to the pooch during the game, but to be careful that she doesn't choke on it. And, they say, she absolutely shouldn't have anything that includes chocolate, avocado, grapes or raisins, yeast dough, onions or garlic, or the artificial sweetener Zylitol -- all of those things can be toxic to dogs.

Some of those foods -- chocolate and onions -- are also on the no-no list for cats, say the experts at Petco. Also off-limits for your feline friends are raw eggs and fish and pork, including bacon.

On the approved list for cats? Almost all vegetables, reasonable amounts of cooked fish, cooked eggs, and cooked meat are A-OK, say our friends at Animal Planet.

With all that in mind, gather up snacks for human and pets, get your purple on, and go Ravens.


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