Richard Ayres is Harford Employee of the Month for January

  • Harford County Executive David R. Craig congratulates Richard Ayers, left, emergency manager, on his selection as Employee of the Month for January.
Harford County Executive David R. Craig congratulates Richard…
January 14, 2013

Richard A. Ayers, emergency manager for the Harford County Division of Emergency Operations, has been named Employee of the Month for January. Ayers has served with the Division of Emergency Operations for more than 28 years.

Ayers was nominated for this award by Aaron Tomarchio, chief of staff for Harford County Executive David R. Craig. Tomarchio nominated Ayers for his actions during and following a Derecho storm on June 29, 2012.

In his nomination, Tomarchio stated, "On June 29, 2012 Harford County experienced a "Derecho, storm which resulted in a tornado which subsequently touched down in the Fallston area of Harford County. Under the guidance of Rick Ayers, he and other EOC personnel worked diligently through the weekend and the ensuing weeks to assure that citizens were back on their feet following the storm. This included going door-to-door in some neighborhoods that had been without electricity for nearly a week to check on the well-being of our citizens."

Additionally, Tomarchio added, "During his 28-year tenure with Harford County government, Rick has proven himself time and time again to be an esteemed and valuable member of government".

Ayers is described by the Director of Administration Mary Chance as "an employee who does whatever it takes to get the job done. I can tell you numerous occasions when Rick has put his personal life aside, even canceling family vacations, to answer the call of duty."

In concluding his nomination, Tomarchio stated, "Rick's professionalism, dedication and passion for excellence are great assets to the Division of Emergency Operations. Rick's style is community oriented and his attention to detail, powers of deduction and desire to go that extra step during emergencies has made our county a better place to live."

Commenting on his selection as Employee of Month for January, Ayers said, "I want to thank the administration for having faith in me to allow me to do my job and I must also thank the entire emergency management work group as well. I like what I do and I take my job very seriously. Thanks again for this recognition it means a lot to me."

"Rick has had an outstanding career with Harford County and has done an excellent job as our emergency manager. I congratulate Rick on his selection as Employee of the Month and look forward to his continued exemplary service with Harford County," Craig said.

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