'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap, 'This donkey kicks'

  • The women of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."
The women of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." (Bravo )
January 14, 2013|By Krishana Davis

NeNe Leakes is back in Hollywood with Gregg, renting a fabulous house alongside the celebs. As she tries to get settled in a new zip code, Kenya sent NeNe over some furniture she can use temporarily, including some “interesting” looking statutes.

NeNe is hoping that Gregg will be her support system as she is busy with the new move and all of the projects she is working on. NeNe said Gregg needs to be “Mr. Mom and Mr. NeNe too.” Gregg doesn’t mind stepping to the plate, but said NeNe needs to release control to Gregg so he can get some things done.

NeNe is on set at Paramount Pictures and has her own trailer, not like the guest seat she had on the set of “Glee.” She is beyond proud of herself and excited to have arrived.

Kandi Burruss is throwing her boyfriend Todd a surprise party to celebrate his 39th birthday and the anniversary of the beginning of their relationship. She rented a helicopter to fly her and Todd to the party.

Kenya Moore’s aunt and cousin come to visit and question her about her alleged relationship with Walter. She was upset that their relationship didn’t grow after the Anguilla trip. Not sure how upset she should be since the rumor mill has it that their relationship was a fraud from the beginning. 

Her cousin Che questions that Walter might be gay and is a complete weirdo with a toupee. Che reveals that Walter has even tried to talk to her before Kenya and Walter got together. First Kandi, now Che. Has Walter tried to talk to every woman in Atlanta?

Phaedra, Apollo and Kenya are working on the logistics for Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” workout tape. The trio met at the gym with Kenya’s assistant for a sneak peak of the workout. Phaedra’s over-the-top self is interested in incorporating a booty cam so everyone can get a close up of her butt.

After some finagling by Kenya, one of the biggest home video production companies is interested in working with Phaedra and Apollo for the tape. Kenya quoted Phaedra $100,000 for the production cost for the tape. Phaedra said she needs to bring in her lawyer before she signs any contracts.

After meeting with the lawyer, Phaedra and Apollo are told that Kenya needs to cut a lot of the fluff and additional costs from the budget and give her a new quote. The trio meets again to discuss Kenya asking for 10 percent on the back end from the profits of the tape. 

Phaedra spoke to Todd about the workout tape and he explained that the budget is extremely high for a workout tape. Kenya gets upset that Phaedra went to behind her back to Todd after Kenya put so much time and effort into the project.

Kenya thinks she can convince use Apollo and convince Phaedra to continue working with her on the tape.

Dressed in all-white, Kandi takes Todd to the airport for his birthday ride to restaurant. Cynthia, Peter, Phaedra, Apollo, Porsha, Cordell and Kenya all meet up for the surprise party.

Kenya is upset that Phaedra is acting like they did not have a falling out over the production of the film. Kenya approached Apollo about the deal to express how upset she is about them trying to cut her out of the deal.

Todd and Kandi show up to the venue and Todd’s face lights up when she sees all of the friends and family at the event. Kandi even invited Todd’s mom, which brought Todd almost to tears.

Kenya then decides to go to Todd during his party to question him about the “Donkey Booty” project. Kandi stops Kenya mid-sentence telling her that its Todd’s birthday and it’s inappropriate to be discussing the project at his birthday. 

A few days later, Kenya and Phaedra meet with Cynthia for a casting call for the “Donkey Booty” video. Before Phaedra gets there, Cynthia explained she is upset that Phaedra tweeted a generic tweet about the casting instead of doing real marketing for it.

Kenya tells Cynthia about Phaedra’s counter offer for zero percent of a commission from the project. Cynthia is surprised Phaedra is trying to cut Kenya out of the project and hopes Phaedra understands that she expects to be paid for hosting the casting at the Bailey Agency.

Phaedra gets there and Cynthia lets her know that she canceled the casting because she did not have any information, and lets her know that she does cast for a fee. Kenya then brings up her being cut out the deal. Phaedra replied, “honey we are out of slavery” during the interview.

Phaedra said she doesn’t deserve a percentage of the back end and Kenya says she is no longer working on the project. Kenya then gets and walks out of the agency.

We all know this isn’t the end of this feud. And did everyone check out Kenya’s new song “Gone With The Wind Fabolous?” We won’t even comment on that foolishness. But she did rock the performance.

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