Lewis and Ravens offer readers relief

January 12, 2013

I hope everyone who watched Ray Lewis come out on the field at M&T Bank Stadium for the last time and do his dance had the best laugh so far in 2013 ("Ray's day," Jan. 7). I know I did and still get a smile on my face when I think about it.

Wasn't it a relief after all the news in The Sun and on TV about the fiscal cliff, killings in Syria and horrible shootings in Connecticut (and don't forget the not-so-great news here in Baltimore every day) to have a few good minutes? The Sun covered it all the next day, and I had another chance to have another good laugh.

Regarding letter writer Bruce Knauff's complaints ("Enough about Ray Lewis," Jan. 8), we really need the enjoyment of these fun things. The short-lived coverage, whether it be on TV or in The Sun, will slowly go away. But try to remember that all the articles about him, the Ravens and, of course, the Orioles help to bring us all together.

I doubt that Mr. Lewis' retirement is eclipsing other events in our world.

N. Goldberg, Hunt Valley

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