Man sentenced for murderous Baltimore gun attack in 2007

Charlie Stevenson convicted last year for 2007 killing; another man was previously sentenced in the case

January 10, 2013|By Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge has sentenced Charlie Stevenson to life plus 23 years in prison after he was convicted in a deadly 2007 shooting.

A jury convicted Stevenson, 22, of first-degree murder, murder conspiracy and other charges in September for his part in the attack that left two adults dead. The group he fired into included an 8-month-old baby. Stevenson was sentenced last Friday.

Bagada Dionas, a Liberian immigrant who was Stevenson's partner in the attack, was convicted and sentenced in 2009.

On July 15, 2007, Wayne White and his girlfriend got into an argument in a parking lot outside their apartment in the 5700 block of Radecke Ave., the state's attorney's office said. Dionas approached and told them to take the dispute inside, according to prosecutors, apparently because he worried they would disrupt his drug dealing.

White called on friends to come and pick him up, and soon after they arrived, Stevenson opened fire with a handgun and Dionas began shooting with an AK-47, prosecutors said. Dionas hit Maurice White, one of the friends and no relation to Wayne White, killing him.

The rest of the group tried to flee in the girlfriend's car, but Wayne White was unable to get inside in time, according to prosecutors. White's infant child was in the car.

Stevenson pursued Wayne White, who collapsed to the ground after being hit in the ankle, according to prosecutors. Stevenson caught up to him, prosecutors said, and shot him multiple times in the head, ignoring White's pleas that he stop firing.

Police arrested Stevenson for littering the day after the murders then discovered a warrant for the killings that had been issued hours before. Dionas was arrested a few days later, court records show.

Online court records show that Stevenson, who was 17 at the time of the attack, was long judged incompetent to stand trial, but was eventually cleared to go before judge and jury in early 2011.

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