Letter: County's plans for Snowden River Parkway will increase congestion

January 07, 2013

My commute to work is very simple, quick and efficient, a short drive to Broken Land Parkway (BLP) and then across Columbia to Snowden River Parkway (SRP). This is how our planned community road system was designed, with the parkways forming an efficient ring road joining residential areas to industrial and retail business areas.

If the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning and Public Works have their way it will change this parkway dramatically but not for the better. Their plan for a section of Snowden River Parkway from Broken Land Parkway to Oakland Mills Road will not address the bad congestion in this area but will allow some Guilford Industrial Park land owners who back onto Snowden River Parkway "direct access" to this very congested section. 

DPZ and Public Works have been planning to change SRP into an Urban Boulevard for at least two years without input from land owners in the Guilford Industrial Park or the general public. But it has been listening to land speculators who have bought land alongside this road. 

These dramatic changes to Snowden River Parkway will make congestion worse in an area where traffic already backs on Broken Land Parkway, around Minstrel Way and on Route 32.

But most of all, DPZ and Public Works, you should be following the new 2030 General Plan that says impact to our village centers has to be taken into consideration before any changes are made along Snowden River Parkway.

Brian England


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