Maryland public salaries favor University of Maryland coaches, medical admins

January 06, 2013|By Patrick Maynard

While the latest update of the Baltimore Sun public salary database continues a long-running trend of university head coaches out-earning their academic counterparts, those who oversee academic medical programs aren't exactly suffering.

Coaches Randy Edsall, Ralph Friedgen, Brenda Frese and Mark Turgeon filled out the top pay slots, making a total of just over $5.7 million in 2011 (the second of the two years covered by the update), but University of Maryland medical school administrators were not far behind: The remainder of the top ten earners comprised university staff, with an average compensation of $759,029 for the year in question*. All either worked directly for the medical school or rose from its ranks to fill jobs that oversee both the medical and law programs.


*Top executives for private nonprofit medical systems in Baltimore are often awarded higher compensation. For example, Thomas Mullen, the CEO of Mercy Health Services, received a salary of roughly $1.25 million in 2011, according to IRS documentation on guidestar. Dennis Pullin had wages of "only" 580,940 for overseeing Harbor Hospital in 2011, but the head of Harbor's parent group, MedStar, made just over $3 million in reportable compensation that same year.

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