How to keep guns out of the wrong hands: Limit where they are sold

January 03, 2013

To keep firearms out of the hands of the wrong people, guns should be sold only at government-run stores, as some states already do with liquor sales.

Moreover, guns should only be sold after a background check had been completed, and new gun owners would have to sign a contract accepting responsibility for any crime committed with their firearm.

Every store should have a buy-back program, and assault rifles and ammunition clips holding more than 10 rounds would be banned.

This would have kept the Connecticut shooter from having an assault rifle and from having so many bullets in his clip.

Hunters could still buy guns, and so could people fearing for their safety. But others would find gun purchasing much for difficult. It is only common sense to limit where and how guns are sold.

Sylvia Rath, Bel Air

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