Two brothers arrested on drug charges in Aberdeen

January 03, 2013

Two brothers were arrested Sunday night on the parking lot of the McDonald's on Route 40 in Aberdeen and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Brenden Anthony Johnson, 20, and his brother, Kyle Johnson, 18, both of Belcamp, were arrested just before 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 30 and charged with five separate drug offenses. Each was charged with possession of marijuana, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, marijuana packing possession/distribution and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Aberdeen police, according to court records, received "an anonymous complaint of a dark colored Volkswagen that had two white males inside selling drugs." Police parked in a nearby parking lot and walked up to the car where they found a passenger in the front seat "holding a brown cigar with both hands." After further investigation and searching the car, according to court records, police found a total of 13.3 grams of marijuana in several different bags.

Each was held at the Harford County Detention Center on $50,000 bond until they had bail review hearings Wednesday afternoon when District Court Judge Mimi Cooper reduced that to $10,000 each, with only 10 percent needing to be posted for their release.

Cooper did not, however, reduce their bond to facilitate their release until after admonishing them, setting numerous restrictions and, essentially, putting them under the control of their mother and father, who were at the bail review hearing.

Restrictions the judge imposed include a nightly 9 p.m. curfew, no cell phones or cell phone usage, no contact with anyone without the approval of their parents, stay drug and alcohol free, get drug and alcohol treatment and pay their parents $100 out of each of their paychecks until they have repaid the $1,000 to cover the bond to get out of jail.

"You have to pay to get out of your own mess," she told each of the Johnson brothers.

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