Letters: Plan for gun control should include repeal of 2nd Amendment

January 02, 2013

Vice-president Biden had been given a month to come up with a plan for gun control. I hope that he would adopt the following policies:

• Repeal the Second Amendment. It serves no useful purpose. If the boys in the street want to form a "well-regulated militia" when the government starts acting bossy, they won't bother to seek Constitutional approval.

• Confiscate all firearms from U.S. citizens except those that are specifically intended for hunting and those used by law enforcement or the military.

• Establish penalties for illegal possession of firearms as follows: Five years in prison for the first offense; 20 years for the second and life for the third. Additionally, commission of crime while in possession of a firearm automatically earns a life sentence.

Other countries that have adopted policies like these have reduced gun violence to a tiny fraction of ours. As President Obama said to the parents in Newtown, "Are you prepared to sacrifice your children for the personal freedom of owning a gun?" Think about it.

Daniel K. Hays


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