As 'Downton Abbey' returns, a refresher on British social/gender etiquette

Midweek Madness

  • Martha Levinson (Shirley MacLaine) depicts the fairer sex with style on Downton Abbey
Martha Levinson (Shirley MacLaine) depicts the fairer sex… (Carnival Film & Television…)
January 02, 2013|By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

With "Downton Abbey" about to start Season 3 on these shores this weekend, taking us once more into the rarefied world of British society and grand meals around elegantly appointed tables, your ever-thoughtful Midweek Madness featurette would like to offer this quick refresher on the rules of social etiquette, especially those pertaining to the gentler sex.

As you know, the women in "Downton Abbey" sometimes forget their place, which can have devastating consequences for them. Seeing this on the telly might inspire women on this side of The Pond to pursue a similar, dangerous course.

The instructional video you are about to see reminds us all of the proper ways of society, so that we may be fully prepared if we ever get a coveted dinner invitation from true British gentry:

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