Family-friendly DIY projects

December 30, 2012

Finding family-friendly DIY projects

What are some winter home improvement projects that are family-friendly? What are the projects that are safer for children to participate?

Painting is the most family-friendly project out there. And interior painting in the winter is always a great way to spruce things up.

Take time to cover and mask areas that you do not want covered in paint, as children will be learning and may spill a bit.

I recommend using water-born paints with Low VOCs such as Clark+Kensington. When using this type of paint the only real worry will be your children getting up on a ladder, which is OK to let them try as long as you are right there with them to keep them safe and guard against falls.

While the paint job might take a little longer to complete, the pride your kids will have knowing they were part of the process is priceless.

Lou Manfredini is a Home Expert at Ace Hardware.

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