Some music to help prepare for falling off the fiscal cliff

December 28, 2012

As a public service -- because that's the sort of caring, sharing person I am -- I thought I would offer some appropriate music to help you brace yourself for the plunge off the "fiscal cliff."

(If such a horrid fate is magically avoided at the last minute, this is still worth a listen.)

Here is the finale of Alfredo Catalani's "La Wally," an under-appreciated opera from 1892 that just happens to end with an avalanche (don't ask) that sweeps the tenor off an Alpine peak to his death, which upsets the soprano no end, so she, naturally, leaps after him. Perfect fiscal cliff-plunging music, if you ask me.

Sorry there's no visual to go with this clip, but the sound effects are good enough to let you know exactly when the fatal denouement arrives for the opera's hapless couple. Feel free to imagine certain politicians joining them:

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