On fiscal cliff, Van Hollen only throws stones

December 19, 2012

I find Rep. Chris Van Hollen's comments very ironic about Rep. John Boehner wanting to delay on the fiscal cliff until he is re-elected Speaker of the House ("Conservatives battle Obama," Dec. 13). Isn't this the same Rep. Van Hollen, the super-committee member, who had an opportunity to craft a deal more than one year ago? What did he do during negotiations? How was he compromising in the process last year? I think he didn't.

Asking a Maryland Democrat to compromise is unheard of, after all. Can he give insight as to what would be a fair and equitable solution? After all, he was on the front lines of negotiations and now all he offers is throwing stones.

So, Mr. Editor, challenge the congressman to come up with a solution to the cliff that both sides can agree to. Can he put up or shut-up? Or don't you care?"

Mary Ann Wood

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