Letter: Howard residents should keep open mind about cricket

December 19, 2012

Reading the article, "Some residents upset with cricket field plan," (Dec. 6) brings up a question: Who are these "incumbent users" and why do they think they have priority in using a public park?

A cricket field will be usable by the diversifying ethnic population. Is it the fact that many cricket players represent that diverse population that has people upset? Is it because they don't understand the rules or have never attempted the game? I suspect so.

Perhaps these people would do well to remember that five or six decades ago, soccer was virtually unknown in the U.S. In fact, soccer was brought to this country by immigrants who had played it throughout Europe. Today, it's wildly popular and we can't imagine a park without soccer fields.

I live in Columbia, and I welcome all sports; active people are healthier people, and more constructive people. There is no reason in the world sports should be limited to what someone else views as mainstream.

I encourage the cricket leagues to hold clinics and open houses, to help convince more open-minded area residents there are sports other than soccer, softball and basketball. I myself would love to try it.

Mary Helen Sprecher


Managing Editor

Sports Destination Management Magazine

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