Cam Cameron isn't the one who dropped the ball

December 12, 2012

Sports writer Mike Preston's criticism of fired Ravens coach Cam Cameron was caustic and unfair ("Harbaugh now has no shield from critics, Flacco has no excuses," Dec. 11).

Mr. Cameron didn't drop the ball that would have been a touchdown in a game last season that very likely would have sent us to the Super Bowl. And Mr. Cameron didn't miss the kick that might have sent us there as well. Also, he had nothing to do with our special teams let-down when the Redsklns returned the ball 64 yards at a critical phase of last Sunday's thriller. I could go on and on in defense of a coach who helped the Ravens reach the playoffs four years in a row.

If my friend Whitey Dovell, former outstanding offensive line coach of the Colts in the Bert Jones era, were still alive, I'm sure he'd have some sharp words for Mr. Preston. Whitey always said that a team relying on a high percentage of passing each game will seldom win a championship. He strongly advocated a running approach in order to open up the passing game. I think coach Cameron did this.

I wish the Ravens luck, and I hope Mr. Preston doesn't have to eat crow.

David Boyd, White Hall

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