Letter to Morgan State community from president David Wilson

  • Dr. David Wilson, Ed.D., is the president of Morgan State University.
Dr. David Wilson, Ed.D., is the president of Morgan State University. (Algerina Perna, Baltimore…)
December 10, 2012

The following is a letter to the Morgan State University community from university president David Wilson, whose contract the school's board of regents has voted not to renew.

Dear Morgan Family:

I was recently informed of the Board of Regents’ decision not to renew my contract as President of Morgan State University.  By any objective standard, my tenure at Morgan has been marked by measurable increases in practically every dimension at the University.  There has been a 60 percent increase in the alumni participation rate, a more than 20 percent increase in federal grants and contracts, including securing the largest contract in the history of the University, which will be valued at over $30 million over the next five years.  We have increased the retention rate at the University, enabling it to rise above 70 percent for two consecutive years, which represents the first time in over twelve years that Morgan has had a retention rate that high.  We also have achieved many more notable accomplishments: 

  1. Significantly improved the financial health of the University as confirmed by rating agency reviews.  
  2. Accommodated a 10.5% percent increase in enrollment while State support has remained level.
  3. Reallocated funding to:
    1. Build a facility renewal  fund to better maintain campus facilities
    2. Enhance the University’s writing lab
    3. Provide additional data bases in support of instruction and research
    4. Enhance Stem Labs
    5. Maintain accreditations
    6. Provided a wireless network for 90 percent of the campus. 
    7. Commissioned a comprehensive review of the public safety operations and, as a result, implemented organizational adjustments to increase emphasis on campus and public safety, as well as invested in a variety of programs, systems and equipment to improve campus safety.
    8. Significantly increased the University’s grant and contract revenue, increasing from $27.1 to $33.0M or by 21.8 percent.
    9. Provided monetary recognition to faculty advancing in rank or achieving tenure.
    10. Implemented a comprehensive program to build a culture of providing excellent  customer service to parents and students.
    11. Implemented a broad array of retention programs and services resulting in the second year retention rate increasing from 67.8% to 72.4%, or 6.8 percent, the highest in more than a decade, as well as increasing the University graduation rate.
    12. Increased the undergraduate degree production from 772 to 902 students or by 16.8% and increased graduate degree production from 197 to 292 or by 48.2%  percent.
    13. Responded to the students’ request for enhanced food service options to include: increased variety, extended hours, and added venues
    14. Implemented a system to encourage students to park on campus versus in the community.
    15. Recognized the value of contractual workers (those employed without fringe benefits) by providing tuition waiver benefits for those that want to further advance their education and bonuses consistent with what was received by regular employees.
    16.  Expanded Morgan’s global outreach by establishing student exchange programs with several international universities.
    17. Expanded Morgan’s outreach with the State by taking some of its popular programs to a regional Higher Education Center in Northeast Maryland and neighboring community colleges.
    18. Significantly enhanced the University’s capacity to increase private funding, already realizing a 60 percent increase in alumni giving.
    19. Completed and implemented a strategic plan to guide the University into the next decade, establishing student success as its number one priority.
    20. Embarked upon the development of a Facilities Master Plan to better position the University in carrying out its Strategic Plan.
    21. Showcased the entrepreneurial and research potential of the University through an Innovation Day at the State capital.
    22. Improved communication with faculty, staff and students and the community though a variety of communication media, town hall and civic meetings, community walks, and quickly followed up with positive actions.
    23. Secured State capital funding to:
      1. Maintain the construction of the new  $81M School of Business on schedule for opening in 2014
      2. Construct a $66.7 Behavioral Science Center
      3. Demolish the Old Library and make way for a  student services building  
      4.  Established the framework for improved community outreach and engagement, as well as economic development, through a program called the Morgan Community Mile. 
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