When Arabs stop fighting and recognize Israel, peace can be negotiated

December 04, 2012

For all those who believe The Sun's position on Palestinian statehood has merit, the following is offered for consideration ("Pressure on Israel to negotiate," Nov. 30). The Palestinian statehood that they are seeking now, they could have had in 1948 with an internationalized Jerusalem if not for the Arab world's belligerence in and out of the United Nations to this very day. The territory they lost to the Israelis was a direct result of the many attacks and provocations the Arab world initiated and against which the Israelis defended themselves successfully.

The territory the Arabs claim to be exclusively theirs was administered since biblical times by the Romans, Byzantines, Mamelukes, Arabs, Christians, Ottomans and finally the British, and its residents were Arabs, Jews and Christians. The position of the Palestinians and the entire Arab Block was in 1948 and until this very day is that Israel has no right to exist. So tell me what is there left to negotiate? How, when or where Israel and the Jewish people are to die? That is non-negotiable!

Whereas the Arab world initiated all of the hostilities, let them stop the attacks that force Israel to defend itself successfully and accept Israel's right to exist by acting accordingly in and out of the UN. Then and only then, can we begin meaningful peaceful negotiations on the issues.

Fred Tepper, Cockeysville

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