Let's give Kate and Prince William some space, please

December 03, 2012|By Sarah Kickler Kelber | The Baltimore Sun

Kate Middleton is pregnant! I won't deny that at first, the news made me squeal with joy a bit at just the idea of a royal baby.

The news broke today -- rather early, actually -- because the Duchess of Cambridge is in the hospital for extreme morning sickness, and she's expected to be there for several days. I suspect Kate and Prince William wouldn't have made the announcement quite so early otherwise. (The due date isn't being shared yet because she is less than 12 weeks pregnant.)

The Twittersphere has gone crazy with advice and speculation all over the map. But here's the thing. She's in the first trimester. She's sick enough to be in the hospital for several days. And in the hospital rather than having a doctor brought to her. How about we all back off for a few weeks or months and give her and the baby some space to be OK before we're suggesting names and picking schools and naming nursery paint colors in Middleton's honor? (Not making that last one up, people.)

Perhaps I'm too sensitive to my own struggles to have children and those of so many people I know to get too excited and make any assumptions. I'm prepared to be happy and thrilled and filled with warm fuzzies once things aren’t quite so tenuous and scary. For now, I'm just worried and hopeful.

I know that backing off is probably the thing that the Internet-at-large is least good at. Still, can't we give it a shot?

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