Ravens Q&A with Mike Preston

November 28, 2012

Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston answers reader questions on the Ravens' 16-13 overtime win ove the San Diego Chargers.

Eric in Jacksonville: Mike, give it to us straight:  Did the San Diego defense just play inspired or did the Ravens offense just play totally uninspired?  Maybe (likely) both? And is the cause of this offensive mess (ambiguity on purpose) Cam Cameron, Joe Flacco, the offensive line, other, or all of the above? 

Mike Preston: The Ravens offensive line couldn’t handle the Chargers up front during three quarters of the game and then San Diego went more to a prevent look after the lead midway in the fourth. Dumb move. Flacco is a streaky QB, and he got hot late in the game and into overtime and the offensive line had a better performance.

As for this offense, it is a mess, and unpredictable. I think Cameron is caught in no-man’s land because he wants to have a throwing offense, but doesn’t have a quarterback or an offensive line strong enough to carry it. I haven’t been impressed with the scheme either, and the Ravens have success out of failure because they always have to resort to a running game or Ray Rice, which isn’t a bad thing.

Overall, it’s a combination of average talent and average coaching with a few nuggets of stardom sprinkled in with players like Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice, Vonta Leach and occasional bursts from Jacoby Jones and Torrey Smith.

Jason in Baltimore: It seems that the Ravens offense is very successful on the road when they run no-huddle shotgun and spread out the defense using quick passes and halfback draws to slow down the pass rush. Should the Ravens consider using this as their base offense 60-65 percent of the time on the road to set up the play-action and runs to Ray Rice when Flacco goes under center? Also, why does Cam Cameron not attack the middle of the field?

Mike Preston: Jason, I can’t answer that question for you. I don’t think the Ravens can answer it either. The offense is a helter-skelter operation. They don’t do anything consistently well, but do just enough to get by. Some teams run the West Coast offense or the old "numbers system," but I’m not sure the Ravens have a name for their offense. We’ll call it the “Get By” offense.

When you struggle like the Ravens have struggled on the road, you go back to basics and stay safe with the running game. I assume that’s why you haven’t seen a lot of passes over the middle the past two weeks because of Flacco's struggles. They pulled the plug on him on the road until late in the San Diego game. The good thing that came out of that game is that the offense came up big late in regulation and in overtime.

Cameron let Flacco spread the ball all over the field and the Ravens took chances downfield.  I think that effort helped the confidence of the offensive players, especially Flacco. He wouldn’t talk about it much, but he was frustrated with his performances on the road. Maybe this gets him out of that funk. Maybe the offense has turned the corner.

I’m not sure it has, but it’s nice to dream.

LordBern: The replacements for the injured defensive players have seemed to actually improve our defense. One such improvement is stopping the running game after Ray Lewis was sidelined. What are the chances that John Harbaugh politely tells Ray Lewis to stay on the sidelines if he's healthy enough to play this season?

Mike Preston: John won’t tell Ray that. Ray is an icon. If John sat Ray, he’d risk ruining the chemistry of this team. It’s Ray’s team and will be that way until he either leaves or retires. If Lewis put team first, he might say to Harbaugh that he likes where the defense is heading and he doesn’t want to mess things up. He could say he is available to play, but there is no reason to hurry back and another week or two would give him more time to heal.

But that ain’t happening.

Lewis will come back when he wants to come back.  The Ravens live in Ray’s world, and he calls the shots. Hopefully, the rest has done him good. He was having a poor year and maybe he got a chance to see some things that he couldn’t see before. Personally, I hope it all works out for Lewis. When you have been so great for so long, you’d like to see him go out on top.

Larry: With six sacks by five different defenders in Sunday’s game against the Chargers, combined with their play at Pittsburgh last week, would you be willing to say that our defense is coming back to form?

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