Going round and round on teething remedies

  • Sad teething boy.
Sad teething boy. (Sarah Kelber )
November 28, 2012|By Sarah Kickler Kelber | The Baltimore Sun

Pardon the radio silence around here lately. The baby is on round two of teething, and he's not happy.

The song goes, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy," but I think it's more likely, "If baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

We're all short on sleep, even the preschooler, who can't help but be disturbed when his next-room-neighbor is waking up inconsolable several times a night. My husband and I have been taking turns stumbling into the baby's room, offering bottles, hugs, snuggles, teething rings. All he wants in the world is to be held and rocked. So we did.

So many of our usual teething remedies are bringing up questions now. I didn't realize that since my older son's babyhood, the FDA had suggested that benzocaine products not be given to kids under 2 due to a rare blood disorder (methemoglobinemia) that can develop, silently. I mentioned my standby product on Facebook, and a friend questioned (gently, not judgingly) how I'd decided to use it. Dr. Google revealed the new information. Sigh.

A lot of friends swear by teething tablets, but they don't seem to have much of an effect on my little guy.

I even looked into amber teething necklaces, which a number of my friends swear by. (A certain Baltic kind of amber is reported to have a higher than average percentage of an anti-inflammatory acid.) But the one I bought was a tad too loose, so its possibly being a choking hazard bothered me. Plus, for the same reason, he can't wear it at daycare.

So ... a little Tylenol occasionally, a lot of hugs, a lot of snuggles, and some patience.

But if you have any other teething remedy suggestions, I'm all ears. (No booze on the gums, though.)

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