Letter: Defense of CA legislation was 'Orwellian doublespeak'

November 28, 2012

CA spokesperson David Greisman's letter concerning CA staff's proposed legislation to exempt itself from the Maryland Homeowners Association Act (MHAA) is Orwellian doublespeak ("Editorial, cartoon on proposed CA reclassification missed mark," Nov. 22). The facts speak for themselves.

Greisman claims that CA is already more transparent than the MHAA requires. However, an example of CA's fake transparency policy is CA's continuing failure to provide data on employee compensation pursuant to a request some three years ago by the Alliance for a Better Columbia. CA provided only partial data and then only after prodding by the Maryland Attorney General.

Further, Greisman brazenly asserts that CA would still be subject to the MHAA under the staff's proposal to make CA something other than an HOA. However, a reading of the draft legislation (on CA's web site) readily reveals that CA would cease to be an HOA and would thus be exempt from the most critical HOAA provisions protecting home and condo owners.

Finally, he suggests that tracking 20 HOA bills introduced yearly in the legislature constitutes too much of a burden on CA's huge staff with a budget of $63 million. We don't believe this for one second, as much smaller HOAs manage to keep up with this paltry number of bills within the 2,300 bills a year that the legislature handles.

Joel Pearlman


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