Oculis Labs reaches 10,000 user milestone

  • Bill Anderson, founder of Oculis Labs, demonstrating an early version of the company's Private Eye software in 2009.
Bill Anderson, founder of Oculis Labs, demonstrating an early… (Baltimore Sun )
November 28, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

More than three years ago, I was just a newly minted tech reporter at the Baltimore Sun when I met Bill Anderson, who demo'ed some software and hardware that blew my mind.

At the time, in the spring of 2009, Anderson was still prototyping his Chameleon software but already it could work magic. He could use software to direct a computer to identify a user's eye gaze, and scramble the screen for anyone else who tried to steal a look.

I wrote about Bill's efforts here, and blogged about it here. A video we produced at the Sun actually went viral on all the tech blogs, including Gizmodo, which featured it. (The video was watched nearly 100,000 times and was the most successful online video I ever produced.)

The technology still amazes. And Anderson's company, Oculis Labs, has some traction, after getting investments from friends and family, and angel investors.

The big news today: I just got an announcement in my inbox that the company surpassed 10,000 users of its related PrivateEye software. Their software gets loaded onto laptops and helps prevent "over the shoulder" eavesdropping. Basically, if you're working on your computer on an airplane, and the passenger nexts to you tries to look at your screen, he sees gibberish or dummy text. It's really cool stuff.

Kudos to Bill and his team for reaching a key milestone.

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