Laurel residents can apply for county pet licenses at Municipal Center

November 27, 2012

Pet owners who live in Prince George's County can now apply for county pet licenses at the Laurel Municipal Center, in a move city officials said they made to make licensing a pet more convenient for Laurel residents.

The law in Prince George's County, which includes the city of Laurel, requires all dogs, cats and ferrets at least four months old to wear a current Prince George's County license.

The county licenses are valid for one year.

Licenses can be purchased at the permit/license counter at the Department of Community Planning and Business Services, located at the Laurel Municipal Center, 8103 Sandy Spring Road.

City officials cautioned that during an emergency or natural disaster, animal shelter facilities may not accept or board animals that are not licensed.

For more information on documentation and fees associated with obtaining an animal license, go to or call 301-725-5300, Ext. 2238.

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