Del. Glass reiterates opposition to moving Abingdon Walmart to Bel Air

November 27, 2012|To the Aegis

Del. Glen Glass, a Republican representing southern and eastern Harford County District 34A in the Maryland House of Delegates, recently issued the following statement on the proposed move of the Abingdon Walmart to a site at Route 924 and Plumtree Road:

Maryland State Del. Glen Glass (R - Harford, District 34A), announced that he continues to oppose the proposed Wal-Mart relocation at the Plumtree Road and Route 924 intersection. Del. Glass publicly applauded County Executive David Craig's assertion that Wal-Mart could expand at its current location.

"I think they should consider turning the current location into a Super Wal-Mart without shutting it down, just like they were able to do in Aberdeen and a myriad of other locations. This would allow the employees in Abingdon to keep their jobs," Glass said. "I believe the current location is convenient to residents in Joppa, Edgewood and Abingdon. The current location is also preferred by residents in Bel Air who can stop there on their way home from work. The traffic at the Abingdon location can be improved by putting an exit onto Interstate 95, and allowing drivers to make a right turn on red at the light. The citizens in my district do not want to drive all the way to Bel Air to shop at Wal-Mart," Glass added.

Del. Glass also believes the heavy traffic patterns in the proposed location will represent a major health and safety risk. "If the new location is approved, the heavy traffic would represent a risk to those most vulnerable among us," Glass continued. Given that the proposed location is across from a new fire station, near Patterson Mill Middle and High School, as well as approximately a half mile from Ring Factory Elementary School, Del. Glass fears the increased traffic is potentially life-threatening.

"A Super Wal-Mart right in the middle of a fire station and three major schools could potentially wreak havoc," Del. Glass said. Because of these concerns, and others, Del. Glass continues to oppose this new location. "As the Development Advisory Committee (DAC) aptly notes the increased heavy traffic could represent a real problem. The increased traffic could also hinder the abilities of emergency services to get to and from the new firehouse. As we know, every second counts when it comes to saving people's lives," Glass concluded.

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