Howard should apologize for recent slights, not ancient history

November 25, 2012

The Howard County school board's apology for the era of segregated schools seems at first blush a magnanimous gesture of reconciliation ("Howard school board apologizes for segregation," Nov. 16). But on further reflection, it doesn't jibe with the board's more recent history.

While addressing issues from a dark, bygone era of racial inequality may be cathartic, those who created and perpetuated that social order are long gone.

But present day board members need only look back to 2009, when they were party to the widespread disrespect of President Barack Obama by making students' attendance at his welcome back to school address optional.

An apology for that affront, and a review of that posture, would be far more relevant and useful than for something that happened 50 years ago.

Arthur Pierce, Randallstown

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