County survey measures residents' needs in emergencies

News Briefs

November 24, 2012

Carroll County's Department of Social Services, Health Department, and the Office of Public Safety Support Services, Emergency Management this week launched an effort to gather input on emergency shelter services.

The departments want to gain a perspective on individual and family actions regarding sheltering during a significant or catastrophic event in the county. Officials said the information will help guide the county in the development of shelter and recovery plans.

The plan asks residents for information such as how long they would stay in their home if power was lost; whether they would seek shelter with friends, at a hotel or in a county shelter; and what services they would seek from the county in an emergency.

This survey is available at all county libraries and senior centers, consists of six questions and is anonymous and confidential. The county is seeking to gather the results by Dec. 10. The survey can also be found online at

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