St. Margaret's second-graders take part in voting experience

  • Students in St. Margaret's second-grade class made and held election signs. Pictured, front row from left, are Stephanie Amato, Julia Lawless, Rachael Kennedy, Logan Mezzatesta, Tyler Elder, Aidan Hackett, Michael Presti; second row from left, Grace Griffin, Mary Rowe, Rachael Griffin, John Holtzman, Teddy Vanderverg, Cambria Stansfield, Mackenzie Hopkins, Chloe Stuart; and third row from left, Delaney Coliano and Mason Freberger.
Students in St. Margaret's second-grade class made and…
November 19, 2012

The second grade class at St. Margaret's School in Bel Air took part in the voting experience. All students were required to design a VOTE poster for social studies class. They were out in the cold holding their signs as the parents were dropping off the kids. They then moved in front of the school and held their signs high as cars were driving by. They were all in the spirit of this election. The school got the kids involved and help promote this election year.

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