Fracking will destroy the environment

November 16, 2012

Say no to fracking if you don't want flammable drinking water ("Say yes to LNG," Nov. 13). We shouldn't ruin our drinking water just to deliver liquid natural gas to China.

Would they run their tankers on natural gas? The oil is running out, so the cost of transporting anything is rising dramatically. China is a long way away and won't be able to afford it if we don't buy their plastic junk.

Germany recently acknowledged that 99 percent of its oil reserves were imaginary, and as a result it has rapidly became a world leader in solar power. It doesn't want our gas at any price.

Professor Dan Ervin is completely off base saying we will burn coal and gas from unstable parts of the world if we don't frack. We've got plenty of coal.

My family uses a third of the energy consumed by the average household by not leaving gadgets plugged in. Put on a coat and turn down the thermostat.

Theodore Houk

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