Rodricks is one of The Sun's brightest

November 13, 2012

"He who is narrow of vision cannot be big of heart," goes an ancient Chinese proverb. That is exactly what has happened to the GOP. They narrowed their vision to one of the white male power elite, and the majority of the people took notice and voted against that narrow vision and small heart this past Tuesday.

I wish The Sun would expand its heart on the back pages where they place the most important opinion writers. They should return Dan Rodricks' column to this location where it deserves to be, and where it would effectively balance the right-leaning columnists that have taken his place.

It was well over a year ago that Mr. Rodricks pointed out that the GOP was doomed for failure just by the simple math showing the shrinking hegemony of the white male population. It's good to see an editorial ("Diversity and the GOP," Nov. 8) that the Sun has found its voice to agree with this sentiment voiced by Mr. Rodricks so long ago.

Mr. Rodricks was also one of the first in The Sun to point out the skullduggery of the Citizens United case, a misnamed case if ever there was one. That ruling was not about "citizens" or about "uniting" them, and in fact, was just the opposite. It was about turning our electoral system completely over to the corporation, something that still remains largely in the control of the white male power elite. Mr. Rodricks predicted they would pull out all the stops with this new ability to super-fund the GOP, because it would be their last chance before the numbers of "the rest of us" change the face of the GOP forever.

The "Citizens United" ruling must be overturned, if for nothing else due to the failure of Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia to recuse themselves from the ruling even though both were personally affiliated with the groups behind the case.

The major media continues to be controlled by corporations, and thus we expect the steady drumbeat to continue for many years as the white male power elite tries to regain control in any way possible. They will use their control of the media and of the fundamentalist Christian sects and mega-churches who are laser-focused on turning America's constitutional republic into a corporate theocracy.

Dan Rodricks is a man of vision. His vision should be featured on your back pages so The Sun's vision would show a bigger heart.

Bob Hieronimus, Owings Mills

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