'Revenge' recap, the oh-so mysterious Nolan

  • "Revenge" star Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross.
"Revenge" star Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross. (Bob D'Amico/ABC )
November 13, 2012|By Meagan O'Neill

This week’s episode certainly gave us a lot to talk about -- and yet again ended in a cliff hanger!

The show seems to be pulling itself together -- finally getting rid of a few characters and unnecessary storylines -- and even though Declan hasn’t been written off, his screen time was pretty minimal.

My first sighting of him wasn’t until halfway through -- and that was for the #GiftofRevenge miniseries! Of course a collaboration between Target and Neiman Marcus has me interested -- and managing to tie in "Revenge" just sealed the deal.

Not quite sure what exactly was going on, but I can’t help but wonder if those present, and Nolan’s line about just managing to survive the year is any sort of hint to how the next few week’s episodes will be. Or, if they are just the lesser paid actors and are more willing to participate in a regular old commercial.

Emily certain showed her softer side in this episode, a tender moment with Nolan, telling Amanda to “choose her family”, and trying to get her mom as far away from the mess (and towards help) as possible. It is no longer part of her plan, and it is leading her to lose control.

I’m glad she shared her secret with Mason Treadwell, while simultaneously showing him her power, so he guarantees never to share her secret. And she and Aiden finally kiss! Yay! Now, hopefully he is not up to any funny business and is as true to his words, because who doesn’t love their own personal James Bond?

Kara is one of the more intriguing characters of this show (or was, if we are too believe she is gone for good). I know she was in love with super sleuth Gordon Murphy and all, but does she really have the tools at her disposal to crack the code of the Graysons mansion?

Emily was able to, but only with the help of Nolan and all of her resources, Kara just waltzed in one day and suddenly was able to? Between this and the fact she continues to appear everywhere, I think the Graysons need to check in with their security team. Yes, she is a house guest, but she is a house guest in the "keep your enemies close" category, so you’d think they would have someone keeping an eye on her.

I think all of the characters need to request that whoever is writing Nolan’s lines write the rest of theirs, he continues to have the best lines (“This one time, at revenge camp, this fellow revenger and I..”) and most of the characters this week sounded more like they were giving monologues than engaging in actual dialogue.

The scene on the beach with Victoria and Conrad was especially painful -- it’s like they are being paid by the word and need to make everything as long winded as possible, they can’t even managed to stay interested. And don’t even get me started on how they were both wearing long sleeves and long pants on the beach in the middle of the summer.

And how can we forget the big mystery: Nolan! Or, as we should start calling him, Mitchel. I’m leaning towards thinking he might be David Clarke’s son -- and Emily’s brother.

He’s really managed to put up with a lot from Emily, and though he says his reasoning is because he made a promise to her father, it could also be is protective older brother instincts which are the reason he lets her boss him around to such extent (even if he is her older brother, still hard to believe some of the things he has put up with).

Unfortunately I can’t even begin to guestimate Nolan’s age -- since the actor who plays him is 40 (yes, you read that correctly). If Nolan’s mother and David were separated maybe the “father” who just passed away was really his step father, and David may not even have known about the child until later in his life.

The tender moment Nolan and Emily shared this episode reinforces this suspicion. But, as we’ve learned with "Revenge," there is no way to predict where the writers will take things.

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