Why did blacks and Hispanics vote overwhelmingly for Obama?

November 12, 2012

In a recent editorial you write that "any party that so ignores the interests of Hispanics, blacks, women and young people doesn't have a bright future" ("Diversity and the GOP," Nov. 8).

I suppose that the key is determining what those interests are. If their interests are jobs, poverty and wealth accumulation, the election results suggest that the Democratic Party (or at least its presidential candidate) can ignore those interests and do just fine.

At some point, this president is going to have to accept some responsibility for the high percentage of black and Latino unemployment, the high percentage of blacks and Latinos living in poverty and the decline in wealth of African-Americans and Latinos.

Our governor blames everything on George Bush; and although I was out of town during Hurricane Sandy, it wouldn't surprise me if he went on national television for the hundredth time and blamed that storm on George Bush, too. I don't know how else to explain the 15 percent of the electorate that claimed Hurricane Sandy was the most important factor in their vote.

As for women, something about the GOP message must have resonated with married women, because a majority of them voted for Mitt Romney. As for young people, one must remember that a significant percentage of them rely on Jon Stewart's Daily Show as their principal source of news.

Bob Price, Lutherville

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