'Dexter' recap, 'Chemistry' with a serial killer

  • Hannah could be nearing the end of the line.
Hannah could be nearing the end of the line. (Showtime )
November 12, 2012|By Cassandra Berube

Deb pops the big question tonight. Dexter, will you ... murder your girlfriend for me?

Okay, so Deb doesn't actually ask Dexter to do it. Nor does she know that Dexter is lying in bed next to a very naked Hannah at the time. But she does imply that it is up to Dexter to have justice prevail.

To be fair, Hannah did just kill Deb's sort-of boyfriend Price and there is no evidence of it so she will be free on the streets.

But just earlier tonight, Deb told Dexter that he couldn't kill Isaac, who was being released from jail after it was discovered that the blood evidence in the case against him went missing. When Dexter and some of the detectives go over to the crime scene to try to recollect the evidence, they find it destroyed.

Meanwhile, to begin the episode, Price had given Deb the name of Hannah's late husband's sister, so that she can ask her for permission to exhume the body and check it for poison. After the body is dug up, it is discovered that it was never embalmed and there is no flesh left on which to perform the test.

While Price works Deb for information on that end, he also watches Hannah's house, including when Dexter drops Hannah off after their night together on his table. Dexter makes a deal to talk about Wayne Randall's last words if Price will leave Hannah alone. Hannah, not knowing this, makes a deal with Price to talk about Wayne's killings if Price will leave Dexter alone.

Dexter goes to Hannah's house (even though after their night together he had said a final goodbye) to talk about the problem of Price. He orders her not to kill Price, but she argues she's been fighting the battle of survival of the fittest for a while now, and that she would do what was necessary.

Dexter says yet another final goodbye. He questions why he is walking away, but rationalizes that it is because she accepts him. And that scares him (not that she held a knife to his throat).

While Hannah is meeting with Price (who kindly refuses her possibly poisoned lemonade) and reveals her crimes with Wayne Randall, Dexter breaks into his apartment, destroys his notes on Hannah and steals his DNA and fingerprints to frame him with a murder. When Price shows up at Dexter's apartment, Dexter gets half way through telling him his plan to blackmail him when Price falls over dead.

Clearly Hannah was at work, but unfortunately it landed Dexter in the middle of clean up duty.

Miami Homicide and Deb show up to Dexter's to investigate Price's death. Deb tells Dexter her hunch that Hannah was at work (too bad this is now a pattern, being the second murder of Hannah's that Dexter has to smooth over with the police).

Hannah comes in for questioning and Deb goes at her. Her reaction to the questioning leads Dexter to be suspicious (though it isn't clear about what, possibly that she was pregnant. Yes, very scandalous news for a new boyfriend). He goes to Hannah's house to confront her, where they realize, after fighting of course, that they actually both care for the other, and were trying to protect one another. Kissing ensues.

Poor Deb though -- everyone she dates seems to be tortured (Anton) or killed (Brian Moser and Frank Lundy).

Side note: Quinn gives Batista a check for ten grand, to help him with his new restaurant, but is it really hush money to stop Batista from questioning Quinn about Isaac's blood evidence? The idea was tossed around that there is a dirty cop in Miami Homicide, and Quinn looks like the best bet (which isn't good for him since it's true).

But we have to have a little sympathy for the man, who (somehow ignorantly) believed that his actions would free Nadia and himself from Isaac's clutches. Instead, he is informed that freedom is not available. The price of disobeying? Nadia's life.

The tox report came back negative on Price. Hannah has learned since her earlier murders, changing from survival of the fittest to survival of the smartest.

Meanwhile, quick glimpses are given of LaGuerta, who is struggling to keep pushing at the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Deb has neatly covered for Dexter, and has almost convinced LaGuerta to give up when she notices while pouring over reports that Dexter has a boat. Clearly she's coming closer to the Bay Harbor Butcher's true identity.

Boo hoo. At this point, so many people women know that Dexter is a killer, that there could be a club. There's no doubt he'll be able to handle her as well (especially since yet again there is no sign of Harrison in this episode, which begs the question -- why is Jaime still doing Dexter's laundry?).

Dexter, after sleeping with Hannah a second time (which is considered a record for Dexter as he doesn't go out), receives a call from Deb. She asks him to take justice into his own hands. She is giving implicit approval for him to kill Hannah, which would clearly improve his relationship with his sister. But at what cost to his own heart?

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