Obama wins, and life on the Democratic plantation goes on

November 10, 2012

With the re-election of President Barack Obama and the passage of expanded gambling here in Maryland, I see the poor being further enslaved in the near-term. With each expansion of the Nanny State, all people become more and more dependent on the government and less of an individual — and thus less human (and less humane, I think). The institutionalization of dependency on what is now a permanent underclass in the U.S. is the biggest moral issue of the last 40 years in this country. This enslavement of generations is immoral.

I will be fine (probably), but there are millions of people who will never escape the addiction of false "assistance," which Tuesday's election further cemented into our social, economic and cultural structure. The left pillories conservatives as heartless because it creates a convenient boogeyman to hate, but real freedom is based on economic power, not your ability to receive government assistance. Economic power comes from having a job, not a handout.

I see the leaders of the Democratic Party as nothing less than modern-day plantation owners giving their slaves just enough to survive but never enough real resources to become independent. Tuesday's election only works to solidify their control.

Tim Thompson, Phoenix

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