Readers hungry for nostalgia, share memories of Harry Little in Towson

Towson lunchtime special

  • Harry Little Submarines in Towson left a note on its door on Monday: "October 29th will be our last day. We appreciate your support and business for the past 56 years. Thank you, Harry Little Carry Out Shop"
Harry Little Submarines in Towson left a note on its door on Monday:… (Jon Sham/Patuxent Homestead )
November 09, 2012

Since the Towson Times' story last week about the closure of Harry Little Submarines in Anneslie, we've received comments from residents and former residents who wanted to share their memories of the shop.

For those starving for a little local nostalgia, here's a lunchtime special — some of those comments.

You can join the feast by responding in the comments section below, or by sending your own recollections to Bon appetit.

An icon of my childhood

Growing up in Anneslie, Harry Little's was an icon of my childhood. Having a cheese steak and french fries was the ultimate treat. I can remember shoveling snow from sidewalks in Rodgers Forge in the 1980s on a snow day (off from school from Dumbarton Middle) just to save money for Harry Little's french fries. Back then they cost a whole 70 cents!

Now that I'm a "grown up", I measure all other subs against the cheese steak sub, with everything on it, including hots, to a Harry Little's sub.  I have yet to find one place in this country to find a sub even close to the one made at Harry Little's.

... Now that Harry Little's has closed, there will be an empty place in my heart, ever hoping that I find out that Harry Little's finds a new home to serve the residents of Towson (and me!). Please bring back Harry Little's!

Todd Armstrong, Baldwin

'You want the usual on it, Honey?'

Long before the days of Domino's Pizza  and Subway, Harry Little (along with the long gone Toddle House and Peebles Plaza) was a Towson area staple for a place to go to grab a fast meal; the last of the lot. They offered submarine sandwiches, pizzas, spaghetti with meat balls and out-of-this-world french fries. Up until about 15 years ago, they stayed open well past midnight ...

For years, from the 1970s through maybe 1990, there were two sweet-as-could-be middle-aged African American ladies who worked there near every night. One I remember was named Pat — we all called her 'Miss Pat’ — and it seemed as though she was there most of the times. The other lady was slightly older, wore glasses and was small in stature. She always made the fries which would then sit under a warming light behind a clear partition on the counter.

Miss Angie usually tended the ever running grill and I remember that whenever I'd go and order a half cheeseburger sub to go, Miss Angie would always say, "You want the usual on it, Honey?"

I still live in the Towson area; my siblings all moved out of town years ago. However, many a time my baby sister, Jane, would come into town and I'd ask where she'd like to go for dinner, Jane would reply, "You know what I'd really like? I'd love to go to Harry Little's and get a big gooey cheesesteak sub!!"

Kelt Smith, Towson

50-cent small pizzas and hot fries

Our family grew up in Stoneleigh, and one of my brothers lives in California. I received an urgent email from him that shared this article. ... News of Harry Little's closing was spread from here to California to Trinidad, where another friend who grew up in Stoneleigh also heard of the news.

So to say Harry Little's made an impact on so many people is an understatement. We still remember Harry Little and all the original workers. We remember the 50-cent small pizzas and the hot fries. We all had our favorite sub and spent much of our allowance on going to Harry Little's on the weekend. Always a Friday night treat and a special treat for us to walk to Harry Little's and get our subs and bring them home.

We hope the family of Harry Little's know we appreciate them being a part of our childhood and fond memories. Just like Leave it to Beaver, Andy's Mayberry and all the other 1950s-60s nostalgia, Harry Little's will be part of that fond home memory.

The Brown Family, Towson

Nice man and a lot of memories

Even though I live in Ruxton, I have never been to the store on York Road. However, when I was in high school at City College (class of '63), I used to go every day for lunch (as a senior) to the Harry Little's on 25th St. near Greenmount. 

I was so predictable in my ordering that a cheeseburger sub with mayo and fried onions was always being prepared as I arrived! I believed that the person who helped me was named Lotte, and I'm pretty sure that I met Harry Little (I remember him with a limp) on several occasions. Nice man and a lot of memories.

Jon Jacobson

Saturday chores, followed by Harry Little's subs

I can hardly express how sad I am to learn that Harry Little's is gone. It was and is the definition of "subs" to me. As a young married person, my Saturday always included chores followed by Harry Little's subs for lunch. When I was in the hospital recovering from the birth of my babies, I always requested a Harry Little's sub for a treat. As my children grew, they too became fans.

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