Second term checklist — food, water, ammunition

November 09, 2012

We are living in an historic era ("Re-elected," Nov. 7). We have read about the fall of other once great civilizations like the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Now, we actually get to live it.

We will see America, a once great country, become a government-controlled, third world socialist state. No shots will be fired, no army will invade. It will all happen from within.

Unemployment, health care costs, and entitlement living will all increase. Civil unrest, demonstrations, and riots will be widespread.

As for myself, I will stick to my guns and religion. That being said, all charitable and political contributions will now stop, and my subscription to The Sun will not be renewed.

That money will now be used to stockpile food, water, and ammunition. It's no longer "God bless America." Now, it's "God help America."

Carl Justice, Baltimore

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