'Parks and Recreation' recap, Ben's parents

  • Ben looks stressed. Can you blame him?
Ben looks stressed. Can you blame him? (NBC )
November 09, 2012|By Amy Watts

So, the big story this episode is Leslie and Ben's engagement party, to which Leslie has invited both of Ben's very estranged parents.

Things seem to be going ok after Ben's mom arrives (and is promptly given a glass of wine) but then Ben's dad shows up with his much younger girlfriend, Ulani.

Leslie still thinks she can repair everything by revealing the "unity quilt" she's made, with squares to represent friends and family of both her and Ben. But once the quilt is revealed, it only causes more problems as she didn't make a square for Ulani.

Leslie tries to save the day by converting a square that was a waffle into a smiley face with Ulani's name written above it. But then that causes Ben's mom to have a conniption and she cuts her square out of the quilt.

In the end, Leslie and Ben confront Ben's parents and tell them they will both be required to attend the wedding but they will be kept, and must stay, as far apart from one another as possible.

In other plotlines, Tom is still running with his Rent-a-Swag idea and has involved long-time pal and former business partner Jean Ralphio to help him. They're planning on pitching the idea to Ron so he'll invest their needed start-up capital.

Over the course of the planning, Tom begins to realize how immature and irresponsible Jean-Ralphio is and starts to get exasperated with him. Eventually Tom ditches Jean-Ralphio to work on the presentation alone. When he goes to pitch to Ron in the morning, Ron agrees without hearing the presentation once Tom tells him that Jean-Ralphio is no longer involved.

Chris is all over the place emotionally after having started therapy and can't stop crying at everything. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of why am I still crying? Ann is unable to talk him down, so Andy and April take over and we get the return of Champion, the three-legged dog. But even that's not enough to quell the deluge. In fact, Champion laps up the tears as they run down Chris' face - awwww.

So then, Andy and April start telling him really happy things and really awful things, until Chris' mood is balanced. Chris takes the happy and Andy the terrible, of course.

Andy: Pizza, the beach, rock 'n' roll music.

April: Smallpox, botched surgery, snails crawling out of your mouth.

Andy: Laughter

April: Snails crawling out of your mouth

Andy: The beach.

April: Snails crawling out of your mouth.

Andy: Cute cats.

April: Snails crawling out of your butt.

Andy: The Dave Matthews Band

April: The Dave Matthews Band

And finally, we get a little bit of news on the Ann Perkins Love Life front -- she's trying to figure out who she is and what she wants before dating again. Although, there's a strong suggestion that the writers may be looking to pair her and Chris up again eventually.

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