Obama did not earn four more years

November 06, 2012

In her letter ("Four more years," November 3), Rae Abbot suggests that we give President Barack Obama four more years. Her reasoning is that it "...doesn't make sense for us to hand the reins over to a less capable and more narrowly focused man simply because instant gratification has not been ours."

As to capabilities, Mr. Obama' was a community organizer, law professor and state and federal politician. No private sector experience in that resume. Mr. Romney has been a governor, turned around the troubled 2002 Olympics, and was an executive working with businesses (i.e. Staples) which have actually created private sector jobs. That experience is hardly "narrowly focused."

It is probably safe to say that at least some of the 23 million currently unemployed or underemployed Americans would probably jump at the chance to have the "instant gratification" of a job. Probably ditto for those who have been added to the food stamp rolls — up 50 percent since Mr. Obama took office. And likewise for recent college grads, many of whom cannot find meaningful work in their field.

President Obama spent much of the last four years focusing not on policies to encourage small businesses and strengthen the economy but on other areas such as Obamacare, which have had the opposite effect. That is a narrow focus.

He has not earned four more years to do what he didn't in his first term.

Tom Horrigan, Baltimore

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