Students show diversity in action

  • The Hopkins team who developed FastStitch -- left to right: Haley Huang, Daniel Peng, Luis Herrera, Ang Tu, Stephen Van Kooten, Anvesh Annadanam, Leslie Myint (holding device) and Sohail Zahid.
The Hopkins team who developed FastStitch -- left to right:… (Gene Sweeney Jr., Baltimore…)
November 05, 2012

It was gratifying to see the photograph of the Johns Hopkins students who have developed the new device, "FastStitch," for closing abdominal wounds ("The Future of Suture?" Nov. 1). Why? Because they were such a conglomeration of ethnicities and races and cultures.

I hope the young supporters of the perennial isolationist presidential candidate Ron Paul will see the value in our porous borders. Students, and permanent residents, come to this country, make their contributions, and either stay, making ours a better place to live, or take their knowledge home and make their own countries better.

This brilliant exchange of knowledge benefits everyone. I hope the U.S. is always a beacon of hope and light for the world, attracting the best and brightest to our shores.

Steven Sutor, Baltimore

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