Martin "Me, too" O'Malley tours storm damage

November 05, 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg faces the nation, and we see the devastation to New York City and Long Island through his words. Gov. Chris Christie flies over the ravaged New Jersey coast and sees what horrific damage and destruction has been wreaked by the terrible storm. And then — wait a minute! Not to be outdone by his northern neighbors, our own Gov. Martin O'Malley boards a helicopter so that he can observe what cataclysm has befallen Crisfield.

Crisfield! And did my eyes deceive me or was that his adolescent son also getting ready to board? Maybe he was along to cheer his publicity-seeking father who will never miss the chance to try and impress Marylanders that he, too, might be in the same league as our real leaders.

Joan Chaskelson, Reisterstown

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