Schaller's 'humble origins' theory doesn't apply to JFK

(KAL/The Economist )
November 05, 2012

Why did columnist Thomas F. Schaller leave out the privileged John F. Kennedy as one of the presidents since World War lI who worked successfully on behalf of working-class Americans ("The virtues of a president with humble origins," Oct. 31)? Was it because Kennedy's example does not advance Mr. Schaller's liberal ideology ?

It continues to fascinate me that the left — not to mention President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden — continues to take credit for what Seal Team 6 pulled off, but obfuscates the facts surrounding the murder of a U.S. ambassador by al-Qaida or similar terrorist group in Libya. I would much rather have had the ambassador back than to have killed bin Laden.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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