'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 304: 'Killer Within'

'You called me a whore and a rug muncher.'

  • Good night, sweet princess... Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).
Good night, sweet princess... Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies). (Gene Page/AMC )
November 04, 2012|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@tribune.com

Well, if you didn't have thick, hot tears streaming down your swollen cheeks by the end of Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead, check your pulse, because you might be a heartless zombie yourself! Or you might just be too tough and cool to cry, like me.

OK, I will admit, I started to get a little emotional when Lori gave that soliloquy right at the end, or when Carl had to do what needed to be done, or when Rick figured out what happened, but that was just allergies, or something got in my eye. Or someone was cutting onions nearby.

Sunday night's episode proved once again that season three is a lot different from the plodding, directionless episodes of season two, when the group basically just sat on a farm telling stories about flowers and pulling fat redneck zombies out of wells.

There were once again major plot developments and questions answered, so if you haven't seen the episode yet and don't want to know about T-Dog dying, Lori's baby being birthed via C-section (turns out it wasn't a zombie), Lori dying during the operation, or Carl shooting his own mother in the head to prevent her from turning into a zombie, stop reading ... now.

Unlike the last two episodes, which took place exclusively in the prison, or Woodberry, this episode bounced back and forth between the two locales, which I'm guessing will be the format for the next few episodes, eventually building up to the two worlds colliding in a bloody mess.

While most of what went down in Woodberry was fairly inconsequential (Governor hitting golf balls, Governor having discourse with Michonne, Merle and Andrea), the prison was a hotbed of action and plot development.

  • We found out the identity of that perv who had been spying on Carol (It was Andrew, the presumed-dead prisoner. Don't worry, he's dead now)
  • T-Dog got his shoulder and neck bitten off (chicken necks?)
  • Lori gave birth and then died. Poetic, isn't it?
Also, we found out that the Governor's name is Phillip. (One 'L', or two?)

I'm loving the pace of the episodes this season, and I get the sense that the producers really aren't going to hold back on trimming the fat each week, accelerating the plot. I'm just wondering, how can they top themselves next week?

Did you know?

  • They used a real 6-week old baby in this episode, but sometimes a motorized prop baby filled in.
  • IronE Singleton, the actor who portrayed T-Dog, is now working on a show with Neve Campbell called Sworn to Silence and cowriting his autobiography.
(Thanks, Talking Dead!)

Did you notice?

  • The sign outside the prison says "No stopping along road, do not talk to inmates. violators will be escorted from grounds & may be subject to arrest". Do people actually do that, just roll up to a prison and stand by the fence like "Hey guys! How's it going in there? Yeah, my fantasy football team sucked this week. Hey can I bum a smoke from one of you guys?"
  • Merle describes the location of Hershel's farm as "Route 9 right before it becomes Dahlonega Highway." Now I'm no Magellan, but it looks like that would put it right around here. Neat, huh? Learning is fun.
  • For someone whose rap sheet only included breaking and entering, Oscar is pretty handy with a revolver. Maybe he has a military background?
  • This week's commercial break infographic was "Steven Yeun's Work Week: Monday - Sweat in the Georgia heat. Tuesday - Perspire in the Georgia heat. Wednesday - Excrete salt water from sweat glands in the Georgia heat. Thursday - Force Sodium enriched Hydrogen Dioxide to transude your epidermis in the Georgia heat. Friday - Fry, Saturday - Drink water. Sunday - Drink more water." Very silly.
A farewell...

I'm really going to miss Theodore Douglass (T-Dog) and his awesome SWAT team gauntlets and plastic riot shield, and Lori, who some people seemed to really get annoyed by, but who I always thought was pretty hot, even if her figure was a bit Olive Oyl-esque.

Yeah, I don't think that's going to get you a SAG card...

When they're walking through the prison yard you can see this big pile of zombie corpses in the background, and of course the first thing I wondered was if it was all extras, or if they were dummies, or if they just had two or three guys in zombie make-up lay on top of a bunch of coats and dirty laundry to create the illusion. I hope it was all extras, because the guy on the bottom with six other dudes laying on top of him was probably wondering if this was worth the $20 bill, the box lunch from Honey Baked Ham and the Walking Dead tee shirt he got for his trouble.

When life looks like easy street...

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