Stainless or non-stick?

Which makes the better bird?

  • All Clad pan by Williams-Sonoma
All Clad pan by Williams-Sonoma (Williams-Sonoma, Handout )
November 04, 2012

I am planning to purchase a new roasting pan for cooking my Thanksgiving turkey. Should I buy stainless steel or nonstick?

The folks at All-Clad tell us that stainless steel reflects the heat in the oven back on the bird and helps to create the crispy outside of the bird while maintaining the moisture inside. "That's the advantage of using a great, shiny pan that was specifically designed for roasting poultry," said Anya Edwards, director of marketing and communications.

Nonstick is better for an everyday roaster, where easy cleanup might be a priority. There is some thought, she said, that stainless steel is more likely to produce those browned bits at the bottom of the pan that add so much body to gravy. But it is possible those bits are just more visible on a stainless steel pan.

"Whatever way you go," she said, "you will get a great turkey."

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