Charm City Cake's 'Ozmopolitan Cake' for the 'Wicked' company

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November 02, 2012|by Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

It turns out Mary Alice Yeskey of Charm City Cakes is a big "musical theater nerd."

The "Ace of Cakes" star had stars in her eyes on Thursday when she presented the company of "Wicked" with an "Ozmopolitan" cake before Thursday night's performance at the Hippodrome. 

The three-level green and purple cake combined imagery from the popular stage musical with iconic Baltimore images like the Domino Sugar sign. (Check out the Hippodrome marquee atop the second tier.)

It turns out that the company of '"Wicked" are big Mary Alice fans. The mutual admiration between the 'Wicked' and Charm City Crews began when the company took a tour of the bakery's Remington headquarters.

The company members took pictures of the cake and of each other posing with the cake before Yeskey cut the cake and the company ate it.

For the record, the bottom tier was pumpkin-cinnamon, the middle tier was green tea and ginger and the top was vegan chocolate raspberry.

"Wicked" winds up its five-week Baltimore run on Sunday. They're off to Schenectady, N.Y.  Who's going to make them a cake there?

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