Where can you earn 1.76 percent on savings?

November 02, 2012|Eileen Ambrose

The new rates for U.S. Savings Bonds are out. And at least the Series I bonds offer a better rate than you get at the bank.

Series I bonds purchased this month through the end of April will earn an annualized 1.76 percent for the first six months. Series I bonds are inflation protected. The bond has two rates: a fixed rate for the life of the 30-year-bond and an adjustable rate that goes up and down with inflation every six months.

New I bonds carry a zero percent fixed rate, and a 1.76 percent annual rate tied to inflation.

Meanwhile, new Series EE bonds purchased in the next six months will earn a rate of 0.2 percent.

Savers, of course, will look at these rates and complain that you can’t earn much for your money.

But as taxpayers, low rates are good. That’s how much our government has to pay to borrow money.

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