Let's resolve to have less hate and fear

November 01, 2012

I think after Hurricane Sandy and then the election, I'm going to be OK. Many are stressed out right now and I think these two events are the cause. My wish is that when the election is over, regardless of the results, we may learn from the past two years of negative campaigning and our country return to the process of government in cooperation, community and trust.

We have become a society of "I win, you lose" or a bloodbath to the finish line with an application of hate. The division and austere language, the bickering and lame-duck results of our Congress did not exist "then" to the degree as it does "now," neither were citizens of the United States taught to hate fellow countrymen because of their political affiliation. We have our local radio and television commentators to thank for that — although many proclaim they are not politically motivated one way or the other.

Have our technological abilities that have made us evermore connected and aware-on-the-spot had something to do with our progressive hate and competitiveness? We survived fine with the rotary telephone and the black-and-white TV (with bunny ears, no cable).

OK, time to motor off to church. I'm now going to reach for the keys to my 21-year-old Buick that lacks a key-less entry. You actually have to stick the ignition key in something called a keyhole.

Paul Binko

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