Letter: Dishonest campaign makes it easier to support gambling expansion

November 01, 2012

This afternoon, I received a call from someone asking if I would participate in a quick survey on an issue. I agreed, and she posed a question on the amount of revenue the gambling would generate, furnishing multiple choice responses. I replied that I had no idea.

Whereupon, she gave me the "right" answer, and launched into a lecture on it. I stopped her to point out that she said this was a survey, in which she takes and tabulates my answers. She replied, "I was just giving you the right one." When I asked what made it right, she hung up.

I had not really cared one way or another on this issue, as I generally regard gambling as a tax on stupidity (State Lotto? You have to play to lose!). Given the basic dishonesty of this opposing campaign, I shall probably vote in favor of the question now. Lies ought not be rewarded.

Don Martin


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